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Ayahuasca Retreat Private group

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Ayahuasca Retreat for 1-8 People

Our private Ayahuasca retreat, designed for  small groups of up to 8 people. We are delighted to assist you in your journey!

To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend arriving one day prior to the retreat. Our serene retreat center is located in San Isidro, approximately 3 hours away from the Juan SantaMaria International Airport (SJO), which is the preferred airport for your arrival. Alternatively, you can plan to arrive very early on the first day of the retreat.

Our family-run retreat is open to all those who feel called and ready to work with Ayahuasca. It provides a perfect opportunity for those seeking to experience the numerous benefits it offers. We focus on individualized attention, ensuring that each person receives personalized care rather than being part of a large group.

We offer a four-day program with two ceremonies; this option includes lodging, meals, and two Ayahuasca ceremonies. Please note that the itinerary is subject to change and will be created in collaboration with our guests, allowing for a flexible and organic flow throughout the retreat.

Here is a general outline of the retreat:

4-Day Ayahuasca Retreat:

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation Upon arrival at 3 pm, you will be warmly welcomed and provided with an introduction to the retreat. We will guide you through the check-in process and prepare you for the upcoming Ayahuasca Ceremony scheduled at sunset. Our experienced facilitators will ensure you feel comfortable and informed before the ceremony begins.

Day 2: Rest and Rejuvenation This day is dedicated to rest and rejuvenation following the transformative night experience. Take the opportunity to relax and explore the local attractions or engage in activities of your choice. The serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for reflection and integration of the previous night’s experiences.

Day 3: Second Ayahuasca Ceremony Prepare yourself for another profound Ayahuasca Ceremony during the night. Our skilled team will guide and support you throughout the ceremony, ensuring your safety and well-being. Embrace the transformative potential of the plant medicine as you delve deeper into your personal journey of healing and self-discovery.

Day 4: Integration and Farewell After breakfast, we gather for a closing circle where we come together to integrate our experiences. Share insights, emotions, and reflections with the supportive community we have fostered during the retreat. The closing circle offers a space for gratitude and closure before we say our farewells. Check-out is at 11:00 am, marking the end of this transformative Ayahuasca retreat.

We value communication and would like to have a conversation with you before you make any decisions. This will allow us to understand your intentions with the medicine, your preferred dates, and check availability to ensure the retreat aligns with your needs and any specific medical or health conditions you may have.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to initiate the booking process. We look forward to supporting you on your Ayahuasca journey!