Why Sibú may suit you?

At Sibú not only is our goal to help individuals cultivate and maintain balanced well-being after each retreat but to also adopt a sense of mindfulness towards Mother Nature and life.

When time is a concern, it can dim motivation and life’s little joys. Learn to uplift spirits and unfold conflicting emotions to feel closer to true self, purpose goals and dreams in the absence of city clamor and a heavy conscience. We provide confortable and spacious accommodations in a Peaceful, quiet setting.

Your room will invite you to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the San Isidro Valle del general and the enchanting songs of hundreds of different birds or just the rain. All rooms are furnished and confortable space. Guests can book either single or double bedrooms.

Most of your time won’t be spent in your bedroom but it’ll be a perfect place to take a break, read or meditate, take a shower in some of the freshers water in the world. At Sibú, time freezes: the accelerated speed of the city is a myth during the days of lodging. To this place you come to learn to rest, to recharge energy and to rest more.

Convenient options

Contact us to check prices and availability, as well as  any other information request. Send us an email to or writes us through our contact form.



Our single room features a queen bed, is a private room, and accommodates a couple or single guest .



Our double room features a king and queen beds, is a shared room, and accommodates up to one other guest.