Sibú is the creation of synergies between rural tourism, environmental conservation and social responsibility.

Our services are designed so that our clients obtain an authentic experience and that at the same time all those involved in the process benefit community-environment-you.

To achieve this goal we have formed alliances with foundations, associations and local cooperatives that allow us to positively impact our community and the environment.

When you get  our services you’re getting a  quality service and forming part of a fair trade community , You are  unconsciously immersed in a network of people helping each other together: From a farmer’s garden to your table, from your daily life to a unique rural tourism experience.

Our objective is to positively impact your life  and the community collaborating with the conservation of the environment and social development.

A part of your investment in our center  goes directly to support different conservation programs in Costa Rica such as:

  • Environmental conservation and education
  • Marine Turtle Conservation projects
  • Primary forest reforestation

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