Sibú Wellness & Health

Sibú wellness & Health is sustainable retreat and Spa, to embark on a journey of wellness while taking into consideration the harmony of the natural environment. Confortable Eco-friendly accommodations, our retreats are conceptualized with the natural settings in mind.

We work to help the whole person (body, mind and spirit), providing an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, Spa therapies & bodywork.

We invite you to relax, slow down and let nature be your primary healer, as you connect deeply with the pristine beauty of Costa Rica and enjoy the best adventures with us.

Quality is way more important than quantity. Our retreats and programs are custom-made, and our groups are six persons at max, creating a family environment with our guests.

We minimize the disturbance of the local environment, without removing key aspects of our immersive and delightful experiences that guarantees close contact with nature.

Our Services

We offer a wide but integral range of services that are all aligned with our main purpose, to give a real & deep holistic experience to our guests to help them heal in body and spirit.
Yoga & Meditation

Take your practice to a whole new level through moving exploration, breath realignment, and powerful meditation!

plant medicine
Plant Medicine Retreats

Plant medicines have been at the core of human health care as far as human history dates back. Indigenous of all tribes consider plants to have spirits, and those spirits to be the source of great power and healing.

Tours & Activities

The south pacific of Costa Rica is a hidden gem, you will be filled for many choices, we'll offer you to chase the coast lines of Pacific or climb the highest mountains, The most amazing waterfalls and the most diverse areas.

Proper Food Plan

We provide you all the meals while you stay with us. You’ll be eating delicious simple but healthy vegan organic diet, using locally grown ingredients, free of pesticides and chemicals used in industrial agriculture.


Skin Care





Our Location

Our unique location in Costa Rica is situated in San Isidro del Valley del General. The climate of the cloud forest of its exuberant mountains is amalgamated with the humid tropical Valley of San Isidro del General.

San isidro del General

Miravalles Perez Zeledon


We offer different options for you to stay in our place. Since it is very important that the space where you rest, inspire calm and comfort in your being, and it's aligned to your needs.

All rooms are furnished and comfortable space. Guests can book either single or double bedrooms.


Our double room features a king and queen beds, is a shared room, and accommodates up to one other guest. Read more.


Our single room features a queen bed, is a private room, and accommodates a couple or single guest . Read more.

Our Collaborators

Our group of collaborators includes holistic therapists as well as facilitators with plenty of experience practicing yoga, and sacred plants ceremonies

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    Super nice and pleasant place very cozy !! Excellent services full recommendation

    Fernando Saldaña Carranza


    They are excellent professionals and the service is amazing.

    Yudith Saldaña


    A very quiet place, full of peace and serenity, and super excellent attention! 100% recommended, for those who wish to disconnect for a while ...

    Katherine Umaña


    Wonderful place and excellent treatment and kindness, in addition to the relaxing massage that left me as new! Thanks again!! super recommended

    Yalixa Vargas Garita